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Recent Posts by Casey Flynn
Book Review: Docker Deep Dive

A great resource for getting up to speed with Docker

Book Review: Free as in Freedom, Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software

On the origins of Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, GNU, Linux, FSF, GPL

Book Review: Operating System Concepts

High Level Overview of Operating Systems

How I Kickstarted my Software Engineering Career by Building an Over-Engineered Product and a Total Failure of a Business

Ridiculous project I spent a decent chunk of my early 20s focused on

Book Review: Algorithms in a Nutshell

An "In a Nutshell" approach book might not be the best starting point for general learning

Book Review: The Go Programming Language

A comprehensive guide to understanding and using the Go programming language

Book Review: Learning Computer Architecture with Raspberry Pi

A walkthrough of the history as well as the low level workings of computers

Creating a Reusable GitHub Action to Automatically Format a README for a TIL Repository

GitHub Actions' ability to use docker containers can be exploited for many useful CI/CD tasks. This is an example of building an action that generates a formatted README for a repo of TILs

Book Review: Fullstack React, The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends

A guided tour of ReactJS philosophy and the modern web app frontend ecosystem

Quantifying and Time Tracking My Reading

Using quantification and measuring techniques with Google Sheets to track my technical reading progress.

Advanced MySQL demo using docker, tmux, tmuxinator

Using containers with tmux and tmuxinator to visualize demos

Book Review: High Performance MySQL and thoughts on digesting dense technical books

High Performance MySQL by Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko. A deep dive into MySQL/RDBMSs and dense technical books

Book Review: MySQL Crash Course

My thoughts after reading MySQL Crash Course by Ben Forta

New Tricks

A few new tricks and techniques I've recently incorporated into my workflow: (peco, yank, vim -, "*yy register usage, hexyl, bat, bropages)

Book Review: Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible (3rd edition)

My thoughts and insights from the technical book, "Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible (3rd edition)"

CircleCI to GitHub Actions

Migrating a test, build and deploy pipeline from CircleCI to GitHub Actions

Automatically initalized and version controlled MySQL database in kubernetes+helm development environment

A simple setup for an automatically initialized and version controlled MySQL database in kubernetes & helm development environments

Deploying to Kubernetes from CI with helm

Adding new values to your values.yaml file and deploying from CI with --reuse-values can get you into trouble since tiller won't reference changes to values.yaml when creating kubernetes resources yaml

Bundling static website assets in a single binary with gobuffalo/packr

How to use gobuffalo/packr to build a simple website in golang with static assets that's easy to test and can be bundled into a single binary for deployment