Book Review: Algorithms in a Nutshell

I decided to turn my attention towards general study of algorithms and data structures. After doing some initial research I found “Algorithms in a Nutshell.” I started reading with my time tracking and quantification approach, but half way through the book I became dissatisfied with the book’s writing style and organization. The “in a nutshell” approach just wasn’t doing a great job of explaining algorithmic concepts. It feels more like a reference manual rather than an educational text.

I felt like there most likely was a better alternative book on the subject that I could read to more efficiently learn. I did more research and purchased “The Algorithm Design Manual” by Steven S. Skiena. I’ve just started reading that and already I’m confident it’s a more approachable text. My plan is to finish TADM and compare it to AINN. It will be interesting to see if TADM is or isn’t a complete superset of the information covered in AIAN.

This is a short “review” and most likely I’ll expand on it when I write a review of The Algorithm Design Manual.

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