About Me

I'm a software engineer and digital nomad. I currently live in Taipei, Taiwan where I study Chinese and grind everyday out of coffee shops. I travel a lot. I try prevent myself from becoming tied down to any one place; all my physical possessions fit inside two suitcases.

I'm passionate about working remotely and I believe software companies that embrace a remote-first culture have a serious advantage over traditional companies that constrain themselves to geographically limited talent pools.

If you're interested in learning a little more about me, glassdoor interviewed me about my experiences working as a digital nomad.


About This Blog

I started this blog primarily to teach myself. Software engineers are constant learners. One of the best ways to solidify your understanding of new information is to try and teach it to others.

Initially I'm going to try and keep this software engineering oriented. In the future I'm considering writing about travel related to being a digital nomad and maybe my experiences living in Taiwan and learning Chinese.

This is a self-rolled blog I wrote in golang. It's hosted on Google Cloud using Kubernetes (GKE). The code is hosted at cflynn07/myblog. The project uses Github Actions for CI/CD and helm as a deployment tool. I chose to build this blog from scratch in order to get more experience writing golang and working with kubernetes.